2024 African Lion Holds WMD Exercise at Agadir Military Port

23 May 2024
2024 African Lion Holds WMD Exercise at Agadir Military Port


As part of the Morocco-U.S. military cooperation in disaster management, an exercise to counter Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) took place on Thursday at the military port of Agadir.

This operation is part of the joint Moroccan-American exercise “African Lion 2024”, which is being held in accordance with the High Instructions of His Majesty the King, Supreme Commander and Chief of the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces.

Focusing primarily on the conduct of reconnaissance operations, the neutralization of improvised WMDs, radiological dispersal devices and CBRN decontamination, the WMD exercise aims to further enhance the operational and tactical capabilities of the CBRN and EOD companies of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) Rescue and Salvage Unit to deal with a crisis situation presenting radiological, chemical and explosive risks.

The theme of the WMD exercise, based on an interconnected scenario very close to reality, will enable the CBRN and EOD companies of the FAR Rescue and Salvage Unit to intervene to manage an incident involving chemical, radiological and explosive agents.

During this exercise, which took place in the presence of Major General Mohammed Benlouali, Chief of Staff of the South Zone, Brigadier General Daniel Cederman, Deputy Commanding General-Reserve of the U.S. Army Southern European Task Force-Africa (SETAF-Africa), the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team from the FAR Rescue and Salvage Unit carried out a preliminary reconnaissance using robots and sophisticated equipment to locate the improvised explosive device safely and accurately.

The specialized technician (EOD) then intervened to neutralize the device, before proceeding with decontamination, triage, medical care and the air and ground evacuation of victims to receive the necessary treatment.

The official launch of the “African Lion 2024” exercise took place last Monday at a ceremony organized at the headquarters of the Southern Zone Headquarters in Agadir, in the presence of representatives of the participating countries.

Approximately 7,000 military personnel from about twenty countries, along with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), are participating alongside the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and the U.S. Armed Forces in these large-scale military maneuvers.

Scheduled to take place in Benguerir, Agadir, Tantan, Akka, and Tifnit, the 2024 African Lion exercise includes various activities such as combined tactical, land, maritime, and air exercises, both day and night, a special forces exercise, and airborne operations.

This twentieth edition also includes training in countering WMDs and a series of medical-surgical and social services provided to the population of the Akka region by a field hospital.

Contributing to the strengthening of operational, technical, and procedural interoperability among the participating armies, the “African Lion 2024” exercise, the largest conducted in Africa, remains an essential event where military officers exchange procedures and experiences, particularly in combined joint training and exercises.

This twentieth edition testifies to the enduring cooperation between the Royal Armed Forces and the U.S. Armed Forces, reflecting the historic and strong ties between the two countries.

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