African Artists and Writers Best Placed to Reflect on the Continent’s Future, Says Marrakech African Book Festiva Pres.

10 February 2024
African Artists and Writers Best Placed to Reflect on the Continent’s Future, Says Marrakech African Book Festiva Pres.


Mahi Binebine, President of the Marrakech African Book Festival (FLAM), emphasized that African artists and writers are uniquely positioned to contemplate and shape the collective future of the continent.

Speaking to the MAP news agency during the 2nd edition of FLAM, Binebine highlighted the distinctive “shared imagination” present in African and Afro-descendant literature. He pointed out that Africa’s abundant resources, including intellectual richness, cultural diversity, and natural wealth, provide ample material for crafting narratives that envision a brighter tomorrow.

“I am deeply passionate about African literature. Our shared imagination stems from our shared history, and our objective today is to narrate the past, discuss the present, and, most importantly, contemplate the future,” he remarked.

In addition to promoting African and Afro-descendant literature, FLAM aims to cultivate a culture of reading among Moroccans. Binebine noted that this year, the festival has organized an extensive off-site program, with authors visiting 25 schools to engage with students who have studied their works in previous months.

Highlighting the focus on African literature in this year’s event, Binebine emphasized the caliber of participating guests, including Senegalese philosopher Souleymane Bachir Diagne, who delivered the inaugural lecture, as well as French philosopher and sociologist Edgar Morin for the Grand Entretien. Other esteemed authors such as Raphaël Confiant, Abdellatif Laâbi, and Alain Mabanckou are also part of the lineup.

Regarding African oral and popular literature, Binebine acknowledged the significant influence of orality in the creative landscape of Moroccan and African writers, seamlessly integrated into written forms.

Reflecting on the connections formed among writers of diverse backgrounds at the festival, Binebine expressed satisfaction in disseminating African literature both within the continent and beyond through collaborative projects.

“This year, we host some of the most prominent figures in African literature. Their presence and the opportunity to engage with their works constitute a significant achievement,” he declared, emphasizing the festival’s ambition to drive evolution within the African cultural sphere and catalyze the desired transformation.

In addition to his role as President of FLAM and one of its founders, Mahi Binebine is celebrated as one of Morocco’s foremost artists. His literary works have been translated into approximately fifteen languages, while his artworks adorn major museums and collections worldwide.

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