Algeria continues to violate CAF regulations, Moroccan team blocked at Algiers Airport

19 April 2024
Algeria continues to violate CAF regulations, Moroccan team blocked at Algiers Airport

Concurring press sources reported that the Algerian authorities at Houari Boumediene Airport refused, this Friday, access to a Moroccan football team representing the city of Berkane, traveling to Algeria as part of its participation in a semi-final of the African Football Confederation Cup, which will pit it, next Sunday, against the USM team from Algiers.

More than the blockage spread over hours, the Moroccan players and staff saw their sporting equipment seized, in a gesture of obvious provocation.

If Algeria has banned, since September 2021, access to its territory for Moroccan flights, the fact remains that the Moroccan team had obtained authorization to travel to Algeria, due to the sporting calendar, by a Spanish flight.

It must be said that paradoxically, sport is one of the areas where Algerian excesses manifest themselves the most, yet considered a field of fair play and unification of the peoples of the world, where politics is sometimes destined to failure.

By this umpteenth gesture, ignoring all regulations and universal sporting values, the Algerian authorities continue to harm the image of their country and the reputation of all African football, a situation which deserves a firm reaction from the Confederation of African Football (CAF), the body responsible for respecting sporting rules at the African level, at the cost of seeing its authority and regulations flouted at each sporting event scheduled in Algeria.

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