Berlin: Transport Minister Reaffirms Morocco’s Commitment to Fight Climate Change

5 June 2024
Berlin: Transport Minister Reaffirms Morocco’s Commitment to Fight Climate Change

Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil, reaffirmed on Tuesday in Berlin Morocco’s commitment to the battle against climate change.

“Besides our national action, and through controlling our emissions, we will be able to be part of the global solution in the battle against climate change, thanks to our natural resources and our proximity to Europe,” said Abdeljalil, who was speaking during a press conference via videoconference on the sidelines of the 2nd edition of the International e-fuels dialogue, held in Berlin.

“Morocco began developing renewable wind and solar energy a long time ago, and possesses today a very strong expertise in this field,” stated the government official, noting that Morocco is “always committed and ready to contribute to the fight climate change.”

He also stressed the “necessity to strengthen multilateral solidarity and cooperation to lead energy transition to success in the transport sector worldwide.”

For this purpose, he insisted on the necessity to take into account the specificities of developing countries, as their situation is different from that of their advanced counterparts, noting that “it would be regrettable to have advanced industrial countries achieve zero emissions of greenhouse gas effects, whereas developing countries continue to lag behind. The world also needs the growth of these countries to be sustainable in order to fulfill the necessary objectives to face global warming.”

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