Body in Charge of Revising Family Code Examines Visions to Devise Proposals Meeting Expectations (Official)

29 February 2024
Body in Charge of Revising Family Code Examines Visions to Devise Proposals Meeting Expectations (Official)

The body in charge of revising the Family Code continues to examine the different visions to devise “proposals that meet the expectations of HM King Mohammed VI and the aspirations of Moroccans”, Mohamed Abdennabaoui, Coordinator of the Body and President Delegate of the Supreme Council of the Judicial Power, said Wednesday in Rabat.

The collected visions reflect the plurality and diversity of society as well as the expectations of Moroccans and their conception of the family and its future, Abdennabaoui told MAP, on the occasion of a meeting of the Body at the headquarters of the Supreme Council of Ulema.

“This family should be harmonious, united and looking after the interests of all its components: spouses, children, ascendants and descendants, while being in tune with the civilizational evolution that the country is experiencing, and preserving the fundamental constants which constitute the main core on which the symbiosis of Moroccans was built”, he explained.

The mission of the body, he noted, is not easy but remains framed by the standards defined in the Royal Letter addressed to the Head of Government, calling not to allow what Almighty God has proscribed, nor forbid what He has permitted, to implement constructive and open Ijtihad, taking into account the purposes of Islamic Sharia in justice, equity, equality, solidarity and family cohesion.

It is also about respecting the principles resulting from international conventions ratified by Morocco, in addition to the laws and the Constitution of the Kingdom, including the rights and obligations of the different parties, including the family, Abdennabaoui said.

In this regard, the Coordinator of the Body in charge of revising the Family Code recalled that this revision takes place within the framework of the Royal Letter which entrusted this body with addressing the shortcomings revealed during the judicial implementation of the Code over nearly 20 years, and amending the provisions that the evolution of Moroccan society and the development of national legislation have made obsolete.

This revision, he pointed out, comes in the context of the global renaissance and the ongoing development in the Kingdom, under the enlightened leadership of HM the King, just as it takes on a particular civilizational dimension in Morocco, while being attached to its constants, values and principles.

Source: map

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