Council of Government to Convene on Thursday

26 March 2024
Council of Government to Convene on Thursday

A Council of Government meeting will be held on Thursday, chaired by the Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch, according to a press release from his Department on Monday.

At the start of its proceedings, the Council will be briefed by the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication on developments in the draft law on the preservation of cultural, natural and geological heritage.

The Council will continue its work by examining two draft decrees, the first of which sets out the procedures and measures for setting up and supporting electronic businesses, while the second amends the decree implementing the Customs Code and the indirect taxes administered by the Customs and Indirect Taxes Department.

It will then examine an agreement signed on January 25, 2024 between Morocco and Gambia, concerning mutual assistance between the customs administrations of the two countries, as well as the draft law adopting this agreement, the press release noted, adding that the Council will conclude its proceedings by examining proposals for appointments to senior positions, in accordance with the provisions of article 92 of the Constitution.

At the end of the Council, the government will hold a meeting devoted to the examination of draft legislation, concluded the same source.

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