Dakhla Atlantic Port, Major Project Serving Africa’s Integration (CNN)

17 May 2024
Dakhla Atlantic Port, Major Project Serving Africa’s Integration (CNN)


The American TV channel CNN broadcast a report on the Dakhla Atlantic Port, a major infrastructure project that will enhance economic integration in Africa and drive trade across the continent.

In its program “Connecting Africa”, CNN states that the Moroccan dream of creating an economic trading hub for West Africa and beyond comes closer to fruition.

The project is part of Morocco’s larger port strategy, the media indicates, noting that the port is strategically positioned to ensure the nation’s southern provinces can also become a gateway for trade in the continent.

“The geographic location is the key to the success of the Port of Dakhla” which will be able to reach the goal of connectivity from Morocco to Africa and to strengthen the integration in the continent, said Nisrine Iouzzi, head of the provisional management in charge of supervising the construction of the Dakhla Atlantic Port.

With an investment of around 10 billion dirhams, this large-scale project is made up mainly of three bases dedicated to trade, maritime fishing and ship repair, she told CNN, adding that this port should generate an annual traffic of 35 million tonnes.

For his part, the General director of the Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab Regional Investment Center, Mounir Houari, underlined that this kind of infrastructure, the road network and the renewable energy projects should be attractive for investors that aim to get to the one of the fastest growing markets which is the West African market.

With the implementation of the African continental free trade agreement, a deal aimed at boosting traffic and trade by creating a single market for goods and services, he said that the Dakhla Port will provide Africa with the opportunity to keep the production of raw materials within the continent.

He pointed out that less than 5% of the African natural resources are processed in Africa, because there is no industrial infrastructure and exporting infrastructure, adding that this dynamic will allow African countries to create more jobs, to improve their skills and the know-how, and to strengthen their own industries.

This mega-project whose agreement was signed before His Majesty King Mohammed VI in February 2016, is part of the new development model of the Southern provinces. It embodies Morocco’s commitment to Africa and to the endeavors aimed at cementing cooperation and partnership with other countries on the continent.

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