‘Essaouira, Committed and Mobilized Candidate for Extension of its Perimeter on UNESCO World Heritage List’ (Azoulay)

11 March 2024
‘Essaouira, Committed and Mobilized Candidate for Extension of its Perimeter on UNESCO World Heritage List’ (Azoulay)


“Essaouira is a committed and mobilized candidate for the extension of its perimeter on UNESCO’s World Heritage List,” stressed Advisor to HM the King and Founding president of the Essaouira-Mogador Association, André Azoulay, at a forum held over the weekend in the city of Essaouira.

Speaking at the opening of the seminar, which highlighted the urgency and legitimacy of the project to extend the perimeter of Essaouira’s medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Azoulay called for “taking the full measure of the stakes, challenges and promises for the future of this decisive project for Essaouira in the medium and long term”.

HM the King’s Advisor also emphasized “the relevance of the first stage of this process, which aims to optimize, broaden and consolidate the historical achievements resulting from Essaouira’s inclusion on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2001”.

After analyzing the factors underpinning the legitimacy, feasibility and purpose “of the great leap forward that Essaouira is preparing to take”, Azoulay hailed “the ambitions and determination of the Souiris to go ever further and carry the colors of Morocco to the highest level in the world of heritage, culture and the richness of all our diversities”.

Recalling that Essaouira “is one of the most captivated cities on the African continent in the UNESCO galaxy of world ranking lists of tangible and intangible heritage”, HM the King’s advisor stressed that “this performance should be understood as a contract of reciprocal responsibility whose central players and guardians are the Souiris, who are called upon in their daily lives to protect, promote and pass on respect for their heritage and the values it embodies”.

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