Exhibition of Royal Palace Berber Jewelry in Doha Highlights Depth of Morocco-Qatar Ties (Qotbi)

21 February 2024
Exhibition of Royal Palace Berber Jewelry in Doha Highlights Depth of Morocco-Qatar Ties (Qotbi)


The exhibition at Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art showcasing a collection of Berber jewelry from the Royal Palace, marking its debut outside the Kingdom, underscores the profound ties between Morocco and Qatar, as emphasized by Mehdi Qotbi, Chairman of the National Museums Foundation (FNM).

“This marks the inaugural display of this collection beyond Moroccan borders, symbolizing the values of fraternity, friendship, and cultural exchange between our nations,” stated Qotbi during a press briefing held alongside the inauguration of the Berber jewelry exhibition at the Royal Palace. The event marks the commencement of the Qatar-Morocco 2024 Years of Culture.

Qotbi highlighted the cultural and aesthetic significance of this collection, which bears testament to the skill and craftsmanship of Moroccan artisans. He emphasized that the exhibition illuminates the richness of Moroccan identity, drawing from its diverse cultural heritage.

The Qatar-Morocco 2024 Years of Culture kicked off with a special exhibition on Tuesday featuring Berber jewelry from the Royal Palace at Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art, recognizing the exceptional bonds between the two nations, their fraternal peoples, and the respective Heads of State, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, and His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

The collection, comprising 200 historically and culturally significant pieces, represents various regions and ethnic groups of Morocco, spanning from the Atlas Mountains to the southern provinces.

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