Expert Links Spanish PM’s Visit to Morocco with Multi-Level Roadmap Implementation

23 February 2024
Expert Links Spanish PM’s Visit to Morocco with Multi-Level Roadmap Implementation

The working visit to Morocco by the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, signifies the implementation of the Moroccan-Spanish roadmap across various spheres, particularly in the realms of economics and commerce, highlighted El Houcine Guennoun, a political analyst and international affairs expert.

This visit aligns with the roadmap adopted in April 2022, subsequent to the audience granted by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to Sánchez Guennoun told MAP, adding that this roadmap encompasses a range of cooperative measures spanning trade, the economy, and efforts against crime and irregular immigration.

The political analyst underscored that “Spain objectively views Morocco as a fluid, secure, and adaptable gateway for investments into Africa,” attributing this perception to the Kingdom’s strategic location and its involvement in several initiatives such as the Moroccan Atlantic Initiative, the Morocco-Nigeria Gas Pipeline project, the Dakhla Atlantic port, and the Tangier Med port.

Guennoun emphasized that this visit also falls within the framework of the high-level meeting between Morocco and Spain in 2023, which concluded with a declaration underscoring both countries’ commitment to further strengthening relations, resolving disputes amicably, and facilitating visits by senior Spanish government officials.

On Wednesday, the President of the Spanish Government undertook a working visit to Morocco, highlighted by his audience with His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

This visit signifies the continuation of the new phase in bilateral relations initiated by Sánchez’s visit in April 2022, which also saw the adoption of a Joint Declaration between the two countries.

Source: map

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