IAEA: Morocco Calls for Supporting Technical Cooperation Programs

5 June 2024
IAEA: Morocco Calls for Supporting Technical Cooperation Programs


Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to international organizations in Vienna, Azzeddine Farhane, called for supporting the technical cooperation programs of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

“Technical cooperation programs need more support by providing the Agency with finance resources enabling it to respond to the growing demands of developing Member States”, the Moroccan diplomat said in his speech on the occasion of the IAEA Board of Governors, held on June 3-7.

Speaking under agenda 3 “Strengthening of the Agency’s technical cooperation activities:  Technical Cooperation Report for 2023”, he reiterated the Kingdom’s commitment to support the central role of the IAEA in providing technical assistance to Member States.

In this regard, Farhane recalled that Morocco was able to develop, in partnership with the IAEA and partner Member States, a recognized capacity at both the regional and the international levels for training and education in different fields of nuclear applications.

He also noted that Morocco, in recent years, has been according to the IAEA records, one of the leading countries in Africa providing trainings, workshop, education, and sharing technical expertise with all African Member States.

“In fact, Moroccan training centers (AMSSNuR, CNESTEN, etc.) have contributed to training hundreds of African professionals”, he stressed.

Farhane said that Morocco, as part of its strong engagement to support the action of the IAEA in building capacities in Africa, contributed in training, last year, over 140 African experts in different fields.

Last year, he added, Morocco held more than 10 regional trainings, workshops and seminars and trained 48 candidates for Master degrees in Radiopharmacy, Medical Physics, Human Nutrition and Nuclear Techniques, Radioprotection, radiological safety, as well as PhD candidates

He also welcomed the report on Strengthening the Agency’s Technical Cooperation Activities for 2023, which “underlines Morocco’s contributions in the promotion of safe and secure use of peaceful nuclear applications”.

“It is interesting to note that the IAEA has carried out the planned programs while taking care to integrate its innovative initiatives to better assist its Member States in building their capacities in the peaceful use of nuclear science and technology,” Farhane said, underlining Morocco’s contribution to the efforts of the IAEA in delivering technical support to African Member States taking account of regional economic, political, social and cultural contexts.

In closing, the Moroccan diplomat reinterred the kingdom’s “steadfast” commitment to continue sharing, either in a bilateral setting or in cooperation with the IAEA, its experience with African countries aiming at promoting scientific research and the use of nuclear applications, science and technology for peaceful purposes.

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