Income Improvements Have Benefited over 4 Mln People since Social Dialogue was Launched – Head of Government Department

29 April 2024
Income Improvements Have Benefited over 4 Mln People since Social Dialogue was Launched – Head of Government Department

Roughly 4.25 million people, including 1.25 million civil servants and 3 million private sector employees, will have benefited from income improvements since the start of the social dialogue, announced the Head of Government’s Department in a statement on Monday.

In parallel with income increase measures, the April 2024 session, which resulted in an agreement signed between the government on one hand, the trade unions, the General Confederation of Moroccan Companies (CGEM), and the Moroccan Confederation of Agriculture and Rural Development (COMADER), has allowed consensus to be reached on fundamental principles for implementing pension reform. The examination of this reform will continue with the aim of submitting it to Parliament during the autumn session of 2024, emphasized the same source.

The draft organic law on strikes will be submitted to Parliament at the end of this session, during the current spring session, and the government will also focus, in consultation with its social and economic partners, on examining certain texts related to labor legislation, notes the same source.

This agreement crowns the efforts made by all parties through the formulation of proposals and approaches aimed at reaching acceptable solutions for the issues raised, with the aim of improving the situation of employees and preserving the competitiveness of national companies and their social commitments, while also completing the implementation of the commitments contained in the April 30, 2022 agreement, which laid the groundwork for social dialogue, the statement adds.

The agreement from the April 2024 session, signed by the Prime Minister, Aziz Akhannouch, the trade unions represented by the General Secretary of the Moroccan Labor Union, Mr. Miloudi Moukhariq, the General Secretary of the General Union of Moroccan Workers, Mr. Enaam Mayara, and the General Secretary of the Democratic Confederation of Labor, Mr. Abdelkader Zaier; as well as the organizations and professional associations of workers, represented by the President of the CGEM, Mr. Chakib Alj, and the president of COMADER, Mr. Rachid Benali, concerns a net monthly general increase of 1000 dirhams for the salaries of public sector workers who have not yet benefited from the increase.

It also involves a reduction in income tax (IR) for all civil servants and employees, with a monthly impact of up to 400 dirhams for middle-income categories, a 10% increase in the minimum wage (SMIG), which adds to a previous similar increase, bringing the SMIG up by 20% since this government took office, and a 10% increase in the agricultural minimum wage (SMAG), which adds to a previous 15% increase, bringing the SMAG up by 25% since this government took office.

The Prime Minister emphasized on this occasion that the signing of the agreement from the April 2024 session constitutes a “historic event and establishes a new achievement for improving the situation of the working class, whom His Majesty the King, may God assist Him, has always called to surround with necessary care in order to achieve development and guarantee social equity and national solidarity.”

He also noted that the government has ensured, since its inauguration, joint and responsible action with its social and economic partners, within the framework of institutionalizing social dialogue, in accordance with the enlightened Royal Vision that places social dialogue as a strategic choice, emphasizing that the government has shown strong political will to improve the material situation and support the purchasing power of workers in the public and private sectors, as well as in various sectors, concludes the statement.

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