JESSE WATTERS: Biden’s the most highly produced candidate in American history

27 April 2024
JESSE WATTERS: Biden’s the most highly produced candidate in American history

Fox News host Jesse Watters highlighted the Biden White House’s reportedly strained relationship with the New York Times and how the administration’s efforts to hide President Biden’s weaknesses are no longer a secret Friday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: All winning campaigns have one thing in common: They had a good story to tell. But all of Joe Biden’s stories are about himself, The kinds of stories so crazy that you can’t even question.

Last week, Biden said cannibals ate his uncle, but one of his favorite tales is from his days as a lifeguard in the community pool in Wilmington. The story has everything – drama, action, characters. Our favorites? Corn pop. And who could forget Chop Somali? Today, Biden retold his story by that gleaming Delaware pool when he sat down for an interview with the one and only Howard Stern.


You used to have to be brave to go on Howard Stern. Donald Trump used to go on Howard all the time. Howard said Trump was his best guest. But now Stern’s show is just a safe place for a guy like Biden just to tell old stories, whether they’re true or not.

Nothing wrong with Howard Stern. He’s a great interviewer. But if you’re really trying to win hearts and minds, you don’t skip out on Super Bowl interviews from Fox, CBS and run away from the New York Times to do interviews with Al Roker or Seth Meyers. Or Howard. I mean, these aren’t political journalists. They’re shock jocks, weathermen, comedians. They can’t hold a candle to “The King of Late Night.”

So it’s the place you go when you have a fictional story to tell, the only ones buying the Joe Biden stories. Hollywood fame director Steven Spielberg has been quietly working with the campaign to direct Joe Biden. Spielberg has been holding strategy sessions, choreographing the president’s story, and it’s set to premiere at the DNC in Chicago this August. We hope it looks better than this. This is boring.

Trump’s throwing footballs to college kids. He’s hanging out at the bodega and construction sites. Biden’s telling fake stories in front of fake crowds and fake white House sets. It’s all fiction. Joe Biden’s the most highly produced candidate in American history, and the white House is more focused on making sure their main character stays on his two feet than they are focused on you.

Source: foxnews

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