‘Key Partner’: Spanish PM Emphasizes Importance of Strong Relations with Morocco

20 March 2024
‘Key Partner’: Spanish PM Emphasizes Importance of Strong Relations with Morocco


In a recent statement, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, underscored the significance of maintaining robust ties with Morocco, labeling the nation as “a key partner” across various domains.

Addressing the Spanish Senate, Albares emphasized that Spain’s relationship with its neighbor, Morocco, must remain a priority within the framework of foreign and state policies. He highlighted Morocco’s pivotal role in counterterrorism efforts, the dismantling of jihadist networks, and combating irregular immigration, alongside its substantial contribution to the Spanish economy.

Trade between the two nations has flourished, surpassing 21 billion euros, with over 17,000 Spanish enterprises actively exporting goods to Morocco, Albares noted.

Moreover, Albares drew attention to the deep-rooted human connections between Spain and Morocco, citing the significant presence of nearly a million Moroccans residing in Spain, and 17,000 Spaniards living in Morocco.

The minister recalled recent diplomatic engagements, including Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s visit to Morocco on February 21 and the High-Level Meeting (HLM) held last year, marking the first such meeting in eight years. The HLM culminated in the signing of numerous bilateral agreements, signaling a renewed commitment to strengthening ties between the two nations.

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