Minister Calls for ‘Open’, ‘Constructive’ Social Dialogue

28 March 2024
Minister Calls for ‘Open’, ‘Constructive’ Social Dialogue

Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills, Younes Sekkouri, called, Tuesday in Salé (Rabat twin city), for an “open” and “constructive” social dialogue with unions.

An approach based on mutual trust will quickly resolve problems and pave the way for constructive discussions on crucial subjects such as pension reform,” Sekkouri said during a conference organized by the Fkih Tetouani Foundation.

He expressed his optimism regarding the significant progress that can soon be made on several structuring issues, thanks to this climate of renewed confidence.

Sekkouri underlined that the financing of the social State is at the heart of the public debate in Morocco, particularly at a time when the Kingdom aspires to carry out structuring projects which will transform its economic and social landscape.

With substantial budgets allocated to the country’s various strategic projects, the minister highlighted the need to accelerate development to achieve considerable investments.

Sekkouri pointed out that this process involves political choices which influence budgetary allocation, highlighting four key components of the social State, namely social protection, labor relations, public services, and employment support.

In this regard, the minister underlined the importance of improving public services, with particular emphasis on health, higher education and education sectors.

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