Moroccan Police Launches E-Blagh Platform to Combat Cybercrime

6 June 2024
Moroccan Police Launches E-Blagh Platform to Combat Cybercrime

The new “E-Blagh” platform, dedicated to combatting cybercrime, has been launched starting this week of June, as announced by the General Directorate for National Security (DGSN).

Accessible from the Kingdom and abroad, via all Internet browsing media and applications, for both stationary and mobile devices, the interactive digital platform allows internet and social network users to immediately  and safely report all digital content promoting crime or violence, inciting harm towards the security of individuals and groups, implying terrorism apologism or incitement of related acts, or affecting the rights and freedoms of minors and other children, the DGSN noted in a press release.

The design and development of the new platform takes into consideration a number of ethical measures and principles related to mechanisms for receiving and processing reports from citizens about illicit digital content, particularly concerning the guarantee of users’ personal data’s strict protection in the platform, the DGSN pointed out, highlighting that report mechanisms offer a multitude of options allowing users the freedom to reveal or hide their identity.

The new platform is dedicated to fundamental safety concepts and basics, including security co-production, which places the citizen as a partner in the consolidation of safety in large, through the notification of all potential risks and threats, the press release added, noting that it also enshrines the duty of warning, which requires everyone to report all crimes or attempted crimes “threatening our collective security”.

Through the development and launch of “E-blagh”, national security services aim to reinforce the feeling of public security and interaction between the security institution and its social entourage, also seeking to develop practical mechanisms to fight crimes related to new technologies by involving citizens in cybersecurity and ensuring that the internet is a safe space, free from any threats or criminal conduct.

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