Morocco Advocates for Strong Leadership in AU Commission Elections

15 March 2024
Morocco Advocates for Strong Leadership in AU Commission Elections

In a compelling address before the Executive Council of the African Union (AU), Morocco emphasized the crucial need for a unifying and efficient leadership within the AU Commission, highlighting its pivotal role as the central pillar of the pan-African institution.

Ambassador Mohamed Arrouchi, the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the AU and the UN-ECA, delivered these remarks during the 22nd extraordinary session of the AU Executive Council, focusing on the preparation for the upcoming elections of senior officials of the AU Commission slated for February 2025. Arrouchi underscored the significance of this extraordinary session, stating that the decisions made would profoundly impact the ongoing reform process embarked upon by the AU.

The forthcoming elections, scheduled for February 2025, present yet another opportunity to fortify the foundations of the pan-African institution and further advance the process of regional integration, Arrouchi reiterated.

From an operational standpoint, the elections offer a chance to reinvigorate the principle of interregional rotation. Arrouchi emphasized that all regions across the continent should have the opportunity to nominate the most qualified candidates for the various positions within the AU Commission, thereby ensuring a fair and inclusive selection process.

Arrouchi also stressed the collective interest of all sub-regions in renewing the leadership of the AU Commission, as this would provide the union with experienced leaders capable of continuing the strides made by their predecessors in managing the AU Commission effectively and supporting the work of member states within the intergovernmental process.

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