Morocco, France Sign Action Plan for Technical Cooperation in Judicial Field

31 May 2024
Morocco, France Sign Action Plan for Technical Cooperation in Judicial Field

A technical cooperation action plan between Morocco and France was signed in Rabat on Friday, with the aim of strengthening cooperation relations in the judicial and technical fields, and promoting the exchange of expertise and best practices in legislative and legal reform.

The plan, initialled by Justice Minister Abdellatif Ouahbi and his French counterpart Eric Dupond Moretti, covers a number of areas, including the modernization and digitization of the judicial administration and the improvement of its governance; and the development of human resources capacities.

It also covers the exchange of information on legislative developments in the justice sector, and technical support for justice reform projects.

Ouahbi and Dupond Moretti also reviewed the results of cooperation between the two ministries in the fields of administrative and technical cooperation, and the broadening of its horizons in line with international, national and regional developments in the justice sector.

They underlined the importance of strengthening cooperation to reflect the good historical and strategic relations between the two countries, particularly in the fields of legislation, law and judicial administration.

In this respect, Ouahbi emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation with France, highlighting the predominant role of this partnership in achieving the common objectives of developing the judicial systems of both countries.

For his part, Moretti expressed France’s readiness to cooperate with Morocco to achieve common goals in the fields of modernization, digitization and human resources capacity building.

The signing of this action plan, which represents an important step towards promoting relations between Morocco and France, reflects both countries’ determination to strengthen their cooperation in various areas of common interest.

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