Morocco, Guest of Honor at Mali Surveyor Week

20 April 2024
Morocco, Guest of Honor at Mali Surveyor Week

Morocco is the guest of honor at the Mali Surveyor Week, held from April 18 to 20 in Bamako, with the participation of several African countries, including Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Benin and Togo.

A delegation of the National Order of Topographic Surveying Engineers (ONIGT) of Morocco, led by its president, Khalid Yousfi, actively participates in the Mali Surveyor Week organized by the Order of Expert Surveyors of Mali (OGE Mali). It aims to stimulate investment for economic growth, said the ONIGT in a statement received by MAP.

This participation underlines the importance of collaboration between African countries in the field of topographic engineering, added the same source, noting that ONIGT is also providing financial support for the event, demonstrating its commitment to capacity building and the exchange of expertise between the two countries.

As part of this reinforced collaboration, a specific partnership agreement between ONIGT and OGE Mali was signed on the sidelines of this event, the statement said, adding that this initiative marks the start of a promising collaboration aimed at promoting excellence in the field of topographical engineering and boosting the socio-economic development of both countries.

This collaboration aims to promote the harmonious development of the surveying engineering profession in Africa, with an emphasis on securing land rights, a fundamental element in stimulating investment and economic growth, according to the statement.

“In this era marked by global challenges, guided by the High Royal Guidance and Morocco’s African commitment, which underscore South-South cooperation as a vital pillar of regional development,” said Yousfi during this week’s opening session.

“ONIGT’s participation in this week underscores our dedication to these core principles and our aspiration to facilitate fruitful collaboration among all African nations, particularly between Morocco and Mali, to bolster excellence in topographic engineering,” said ONIGT president, quoted in the statement.

Source: map

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