Morocco, Kuwait Set to Promote Judicial, Legal Cooperation

8 May 2024
Morocco, Kuwait Set to Promote Judicial, Legal Cooperation

The promotion of judicial and legal cooperation between Morocco and Kuwait was the focus of talks on Tuesday in Rabat between the King’s Attorney General to the Court of Cassation, president of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, El Hassan Daki, and chairman of Kuwait’s Supreme Judicial Council and head of the Court of Cassation, Adel Majid Bouresli.

In a press statement at the end of the talks, Daki said that the meeting had provided an opportunity to learn about Kuwait’s experience in the field of justice, particularly the best practices adopted by the judiciary in this sister country.

The meeting, part of the distinguished ties between the two countries in several areas, including justice, was an occasion to “lay the foundations and share common visions between the two countries to combat the various forms of crime, particularly cross-border organized crime, as well as to unify action and adopt modern mechanisms to deal with these scourges, in the service of justice in our two countries”.

For his part, Bouresli said that the talks were an opportunity to review issues of common interest in judicial and legal cooperation, share case law and court rulings, and to take stock of the progress made by the two countries in the field of justice and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, as well as matters relating to investigations, the enforcement of court decisions and cooperation on issues of common interest between the Kuwaiti and Moroccan judicial authorities.

The Kuwaiti official also stressed that his visit to the Kingdom testifies to the strength and solidity of the long-standing relations between Morocco and Kuwait.

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