Morocco’s Consulates in the U.S.: Strong Commitment to Modernize, Improve Services

12 June 2024
Morocco’s Consulates in the U.S.: Strong Commitment to Modernize, Improve Services

Morocco’s ambassador to Washington, Youssef Amrani, on Tuesday chaired a meeting with the consuls general of the Kingdom in the United States, at a time when the Marhaba Operation is in full swing to welcome Moroccans from around the world in the best possible conditions.

This meeting focused on the improvement and modernization of all consular services provided to the community living in the United States, in line with the High Instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI aimed at enhancing consular support in order to meet the needs and expectations of Moroccan nationals.

With a view to achieving this objective, the ambassador and the consuls general have set up a new roadmap covering all the constituent parts of consular action and its administrative assistance missions. The aim is to enhance consular services and turn them into a permanent interface which continually maintains and enriches links between the Moroccan community and the motherland.

In this regard, the meeting stressed the importance of opening a new consulate of the Kingdom of Morocco in Miami to contribute to this necessary proximity effort, in particular in places where there is a strong presence of the Moroccan community in the United States.

The roadmap provides for a series of major measures which will constitute, in accordance with the action plan of the ministry of Foreign Affairs, a new standardization of a restructured consular service with modernized mechanisms, shortened deadlines and increased efficiency of its activities.

The digitalization undertaken in the area of dematerialization of services constitutes to this end a transversal effort which not only reduces administrative burden, but also eases contact between Moroccan nationals and their respective consular district.

The meeting also focused on the reassessment of strategies aimed at mobilizing skills of Moroccan origin in the United States.

This community, recognized for its dynamism, its excellence and its presence in elite spheres, is a formidable lever for development and growth.

Moroccan networks abroad play indeed a crucial role in economic, social and cultural development, both in host countries and in Morocco.

Mr. Amrani stressed the importance of stimulating this pool of talent to strengthen more strategic rapprochement between Morocco and the United States.

“Our relationship offers an expanded space of interaction for the Moroccan community which greatly contributes to building new horizons of cooperation between the two countries,” the diplomat said.

This dynamic, which is in line with the Vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, considers the human dimension as “a requirement that conditions all actions”.

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