Morocco’s Experience in Implementing SDGs Highlighted in Addis Ababa

26 April 2024
Morocco’s Experience in Implementing SDGs Highlighted in Addis Ababa

The Kingdom of Morocco’s experience in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was highlighted in Addis Ababa on Thursday by Minister of Solidarity, Social Integration and the Family, Aawatif Hayar.

Speaking by videoconference at the 10th African Regional Forum for Sustainable Development (April 23-25), the Minister said that the Kingdom has been committed to developing and implementing the SDGs to achieve positive development since they were launched in 2015, noting that this approach has enabled Morocco to define its priorities, which constitute short- and long-term development challenges.

These priorities, she explained, are in line with national contexts and agendas framed by the High Directions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him, which lay the foundations of the social state, as well as the 2011 Constitution which frames rights in the social, economic and environmental fields.

In addition, these priorities are consistent with the outcome of the New Development Model for an inclusive and sustainable Morocco and with the 2021-2026 government program, which aims to consolidate and strengthen the pillars of the social state, Hayar added.

In this regard, several large-scale projects have been launched, notably in the social sphere, including the generalization of social protection, the National Initiative for Human Development to strengthen solidarity and social integration of precarious categories, and the Kingdom’s effective participation in the implementation of the objectives set by the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

The generalization of social protection, launched by His Majesty the King in 2021, is a genuine social revolution led by the Sovereign, aimed at reducing poverty, combating all forms of precariousness, supporting household purchasing power and preserving social cohesion within Moroccan families, she said, adding that the government has ensured the implementation of this project through generalizing and expanding, since 2022, the services of compulsory health insurance for the benefit of all Moroccans, including categories unable to join the social security system.

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