Morocco’s Port Operator Boosts Turnover by 14% in Q1

30 May 2024
Morocco’s Port Operator Boosts Turnover by 14% in Q1

Morocco’s port operator Marsa Maroc boosted its turnover by 14% to 1.14 billion dirhams in the first quarter of 2024, driven by increased activity.

Marsa Maroc reported a significant 17% increase in traffic handled during Q1, reaching 14.9 million tonnes, according to the group’s statement on its quarterly results as of March 31, 2024.

Container traffic saw a remarkable 43% increase in the transshipment segment, reaching 425,266 TEUs. However, domestic container traffic experienced a slight 1% decline to 261,915 TEUs, attributed to a decrease in the export of citrus fruits and early vegetables at the Agadir port.

Solid bulk traffic recorded a notable increase of 17%, driven mainly by the growth in grain imports (+486,000 tonnes compared to Q1 2023).

Liquid bulk traffic has increased by 3% due to rising kerosene imports to accommodate the growth in air traffic during Q1 2024.

Moreover, Marsa Maroc Group invested 68 million dirhams during Q1 2024 as part of its investment program in handling equipment.

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