Morocco’s ‘Singular’ Social Protection Reform Draws Le Figaro’s Attention

5 April 2024
Morocco’s ‘Singular’ Social Protection Reform Draws Le Figaro’s Attention

In an article published on Thursday, French daily Le Figaro shed light on Morocco’s remarkable strides in reforming its social protection system, labeling it as a “singular” initiative within the African continent.

The article underscored the distinctiveness of Morocco’s reform, emphasizing that on a continent where fewer than 15% of the population benefits from social protection, Morocco’s efforts stand out significantly. Describing the reform as a “major social turning point,” the publication commended Morocco for its ambitious endeavor.

Highlighting the urgency and scope of the reform, Le Figaro pointed out that Morocco has set a deadline for its universal social protection reform, aiming to fully implement it by 2025. The reform, it noted, is anticipated to have a transformative impact on millions of households, ultimately enhancing the country’s Human Development Index.

Launched officially in 2021, Morocco’s reform program is hailed as one of the most ambitious initiatives underway in middle-income countries globally. Drawing from the World Bank’s insights, the newspaper outlined the multi-dimensional approach of the reform, based on the progressive implementation of various pillars.

The first phase, initiated in 2022, revolves around mandatory health insurance, which has already been extended to cover an additional 22 million beneficiaries. Complementing this, the article elaborated on the incorporation of family allowances, aimed at providing direct monthly income based on the number of children.

The financial commitment behind the reform is staggering, with an estimated budget of 40 billion dirhams earmarked by 2026. The Moroccan government, as per Le Figaro, pledges substantial support, with a contribution of up to 20 billion dirhams over the next three years.

Aside from the financial aspect, the article accentuated the innovative tools employed in the reform process. Central to this is the Unified Social Registry (RSU), hailed as a pivotal instrument. The RSU serves as a singular platform for registration, enabling efficient identification and evaluation of households’ eligibility for social programs. Moreover, its biometric features serve as a deterrent against fraudulent activities.

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