Sanchez’s Visit to Morocco, ‘Unprecedented Dynamic’ in Relations between the Two Countries (French-Swiss Expert)

21 February 2024
Sanchez’s Visit to Morocco, ‘Unprecedented Dynamic’ in Relations between the Two Countries (French-Swiss Expert)

President of the Spanish Government Pedro Sanchez’s working and friendship visit to Morocco, the first since his investiture, embodies an “unprecedented dynamic” in relations between the two countries, said French-Swiss international politics expert Jean-Marie Heydt.

Spain, thanks to its long-standing ties of friendship with Morocco, has been able to establish “solid and fruitful” relations with the Kingdom, noted Heydt in a statement to MAP, pointing out that many signs have come to illustrate this desire for rapprochement, notably Madrid’s position on the question of the Moroccan Sahara.

This political and diplomatic “intelligence” goes far beyond the question of a territory, especially as Spain recognized very early on the “metamorphosis” begun by Morocco, which has elevated the Kingdom among the influential players in the international community, he stressed.

Thanks to the Royal Vision, Morocco has made “incredible” progress in just two decades, with a host of achievements that no observer can fail to notice, said Heydt.

In his view, establishing a renewed relationship between Spain and Morocco based on mutual respect is tantamount to taking a fresh look at all African countries, the Kingdom being today the standard-bearer of a new Africa and “a decisive leader for the continent’s future”.

Heydt recalled that relations between Rabat and Madrid are based on a shared vision of a modern world in which everyone, at their own level, contributes new added value.

Source: map

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