Swedish FM Commends HM the King’s Ongoing Commitment to Promoting Values of Coexistence and Inter-faith Dialogue

9 April 2024
Swedish FM Commends HM the King’s Ongoing Commitment to Promoting Values of Coexistence and Inter-faith Dialogue


Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström commended the ongoing commitment and leadership role of His Majesty King Mohammed VI in promoting the values of coexistence and inter-faith dialogue.

Speaking at an Iftar (fast-breaking evening meal) held by the Moroccan Embassy in Stockholm on Monday, Billström stressed that Morocco represents “a unique model of tolerance”.

He took the opportunity to express his pleasure at taking part once again this year in this Iftar, under the banner of “Morocco, land of coexistence and convergence of civilizations, cultures and religions”, adding that it was “an exceptional moment based on the authentic values of tolerance and compassion, embodied by Morocco in perfect harmony with its development and modernity”.

A yearly ritual, the Iftar was an appeal for peace and living together, gathering a host of personalities, including the Mayor of Danderyds, members of parliament, several ambassadors, senior officials from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as representatives from the business world and civil society.

In his welcome address, Morocco’s Ambassador to Sweden, Karim Medrek, said that this “Iftar for Peace” symbolized coexistence, diversity and the richness of the Kingdom’s age-old heritage, cardinal values that have animated Morocco since time immemorial.

On this occasion, the Moroccan diplomat pointed out that even in the most difficult times, the Kingdom remains an example of living together, thanks to His Majesty the King’s constant commitment to peace and tolerance, making the Kingdom an example of harmonious coexistence.

In a call to action, the Ambassador also recalled that “today more than ever, the suffering of peoples in conflict zones, notably Palestinians, demands attention and solidarity”.

“The choice of justice and peace should guide our actions, reinforcing the importance of working together to end conflict and promote stability in the region”, he stressed.

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