Tangier: Police Open Investigation into Attempt to Smuggle Cocaine (Security Source)

6 May 2024
Tangier: Police Open Investigation into Attempt to Smuggle Cocaine (Security Source)


Tangier’s judicial police opened a judicial investigation, under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, to determine the circumstances of an attempt to traffic cocaine shipments concealed in a container arriving from a Brazilian port and bound for Greece, a security source said.

According to the initial investigation, security and customs authorities at the Tangier Med port received a tip-off from a technical team while examining a container with a suspicious cargo from Brazil. A thorough search was then immediately carried out with the help of a police dog team, which led to the seizure of 25 bags containing a suspicious white substance linked to a Global Positioning System (GPS), the same source noted.

The initial tests carried out by the forensic technician showed that the drug was cocaine, and that the seized shipment weighed around 27.4 kg, the same source said, adding that samples had been sent to the National Forensic Laboratory to determine the level of concentration.

In parallel with the judicial investigation into this case, the National Central Bureau “Interpol Office in Rabat”, under the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) was tasked with activating international cooperation procedures, with the aim of determining the origin of the seized shipments, as well as identifying the people involved in the trafficking attempt with a view to suing them.

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