The managerial leadership of Hammouchi highlighted by Canadian experts in security and public communication

2 January 2023
The managerial leadership of Hammouchi highlighted by Canadian experts in security and public communication

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The Arabic-language online newspaper edited in Montreal by Abderrahmane Adraoui, has chosen the head of the DGST/DGSN as the personality of the year 2022.

During a live-streamed video conference, Canadian experts of Moroccan origin specializing in the fields of security and communication commented on this judicious choice.

At the very beginning of the conference, Abderrahmane Adraoui, who was leading the live broadcast, played a recording of an interview conducted in Laval with Hicham Belmahdar, who highlighted the fact that Abdellatif Hammouchi had initiated “a soft revolution within the DGSN, which was reflected in the behavior of police officers towards citizens.”

Abdel Kabir Belbsir, an expert in Security and Private Investigation, and former chief of staff to a general in the Canadian Armed Forces, highlighted that “during Mr. Hammouchi’s tenure at the National Security Directorate, there has been a leap in technological advancements and technical modernization of police officers in Morocco, especially in terms of equipment and training.” Belbsir added that “institutional development creates a kind of respect and trust at the international level. Moreover, the Moroccan national police surpasses its counterparts in many countries in terms of operational readiness and capabilities, giving Morocco recognized international influence.”

Another testimony came from Abdellah El Mzem, a specialist in Communication and Information, who believes that “Mr. Hammouchi has invested in human capital by ensuring that he relies on honest executives, whose main concern is to provide citizens with quality services, to establish mutual respect between the administration and the citizens, and to invest in equipment and tools. These three points are the key to the success of administrations on the international level.” El Mzem further stated that “the administration of national security in Morocco has become powerful in data and document analysis, which has earned respect and consideration from countries such as the United States, Germany, Spain, and France. The good governance followed by Mr. Hammouchi, especially regarding the handling of citizens’ complaints on one hand, and the recognition of employees who excel in their work on the other, makes him the outstanding personality of the year based on merit.” Additionally, in terms of communication, the expert believes that “the General Directorate of National Security communicates with great professionalism and quickly responds to any information within its jurisdiction, relying on a fluid style easily understood by the public, without detours. Similarly, the spokesperson for the DGSN, Mr. Boubker Sabik, possesses great qualifications in the field of communication, which is very important, especially since the administration combines good communication with a high level of human and technical capital.

Mohammed Moutazzaki, a Moroccan businessman of Italian nationality and an associative actor, praised the efforts made by Mr. Hammouchi in improving the quality of services provided by the DGSN. He emphasized the need to generalize the experience of the DGSN to all public establishments, given the high level of quality it has achieved in its services to the population. This is especially important as Morocco begins to reap the benefits of this approach globally, as major powers respect Morocco’s expertise in the security field, especially considering the services provided by Morocco to several countries.

Moreover, as highlighted by a Moroccan residing in Montreal, “Morocco greatly needs men like Mr. Hammouchi at the helm of every administration. The title of Personality of the Year awarded by the readers of is highly deserved.


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