Transit Operation 2024: Moroccan-Spanish Joint Commission Meets in Tangier

21 May 2024
Transit Operation 2024: Moroccan-Spanish Joint Commission Meets in Tangier

The joint Moroccan-Spanish Transit Commission met, Monday in Tangier, under the co-chairmanship of Khalid Zerouali, Wali, Director of Migration and Border Surveillance at the Interior ministry, and Susana Crisostomo, Spanish Undersecretary of the Interior ministry.

Discussions focused on the operational measures put in place by both parties to guarantee the best possible conditions for Transit Operation 2024, notably in terms of fluidity, security and safety, as well as assistance and proximity measures, and communication actions.

The national scheme brings together all sectoral stakeholders, in which the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity plays a central role, through the implementation of a large-scale social assistance scheme, mobilizing specialized teams and significant resources nationally and internationally.

The scheme also includes a coherent fleet plan, integrating 29 ships and 7 maritime operators, serving 11 shipping lines with an overall capacity of over 7 million passengers, 2 million vehicles and 8,000 rotations.

It also includes a major investment in upgrading port infrastructure at Tangier-Med, Tangier City, Nador and Al Hoceima, with improvements in passenger comfort and convenience (relaxation areas, shaded areas, gangways, display and signage systems, dredging of car-ferry berths).

The plan also emphasizes the mobilization of local authorities, notably by setting up ad hoc units in the provinces and prefectures, increasing the number of security services, and mobilizing Morocco’s consular representations in Spain with daily standby duty, including at weekends and on public holidays.

Major measures have been taken, to this end, in the maritime and road transport sectors, including technical inspection campaigns for ships and the mobilization of land transport inspectors.

To accompany this operation, a multimedia communication strategy aimed at Moroccan nationals living abroad has been developed, notably to popularize practical information, through the Marhaba website set up by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity.

The Spanish operational plan includes strengthening port processing capacity, mobilizing security corps and port police officers, providing assistance from the Red Cross, and setting up coordination centers and information areas.

The two parties also agreed to strengthen coordination between focal points to ensure a smooth flow of information, and to anticipate some aspects linked to peak day management, ticket interchangeability and the fight against speculation in sea crossing prices.

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