Nairobi: 6th UN Environment Assembly, Chaired by Morocco, Wraps up

2 March 2024
Nairobi: 6th UN Environment Assembly, Chaired by Morocco, Wraps up

The the 6th United Nations Environment Assembly (ANUE-6), chaired by Morocco, wrapped up on Friday in Nairobi with the adoption of several resolutions, two decisions, and a ministerial declaration.

Held under the theme “Effective, Inclusive, and Sustainable Multilateral Actions to Tackle Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss, and Pollution,” this session, presided over by Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Leila Benali, emphasized the significance of multilateralism and consensus-building spirit to achieve innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

In total, 15 resolutions were adopted during this session, which brought together over 5,000 participants from 190 countries at the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Among these were key texts addressing water, air pollution, land degradation, and ocean governance.

Participants also adopted a Ministerial Declaration that underscores the urgency of the global environmental crisis, as well as the impact and threats posed by various environmental challenges. The Ministerial Declaration also acknowledges the principles and significant outcomes agreed upon in previous declarations and outlines a list of 10 actions to be implemented by ministers responsible for the environment.

Speaking on this occasion, Benali emphasized the importance of cooperation and consensus in finding solutions, while placing the most vulnerable communities at the center of the objectives, ensuring that “no one is left behind.”

Solutions were found and enriched at this UNEA-6, she said, stressing the imperative of collective work, notably through the various regional and multilateral platforms.

At the end of the session, Benali handed over the chairmanship of UNEA-7 to president of Environmental Authority of the Sultanate of Oman, Abdullah Bin Ali Al Amri.

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