Qatar-Morocco 2024 Years of Culture Kicks Off with Exhibition of Royal Palace Berber Jewelry

21 February 2024
Qatar-Morocco 2024 Years of Culture Kicks Off with Exhibition of Royal Palace Berber Jewelry

Qatar-Morocco 2024 Years of Culture kicked off on Tuesday with a special exhibition of Berber jewelry from the Royal Palace at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, in recognition of the exceptional ties uniting the two countries, the two brotherly peoples and the two Heads of State, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, and His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

This Collection, comprising 200 pieces of historical and cultural importance, represents the various regions and ethnic groups of Morocco, from the Atlas Mountains to the southern provinces.

Exhibited for the first time outside the Kingdom, this Royal Palace collection represents a unique window on Moroccan culture.

Open to the public until May 20, 2024, this collection of silver jewelry, which forms an important part of the permanent exhibition of Morocco’s Oudayas belonging to the National Jewellery Museum in Rabat, pays tribute to the craftsmen who painstakingly chiseled these exceptional pieces and, in particular, to the women who have safeguarded these traditions.

These artifacts, featuring a variety of techniques, forms and materials, reveal the regional characteristics of Morocco’s main jewelry production centers and reflect the Kingdom’s rich heritage, sublimating artistic know-how in wirework, inlay and the use of coral, amber, glass, pearls and coins.

Common motifs, including geometric shapes and stylized representations of nature, are linked to the Amazigh way of life, highlighting its deep connection with nature and the environment.

This exhibition, enriched by a palette of Berber jewelry from the Royal Palace, is organized by the National Museums Foundation of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Doha Museum of Islamic Art, and is coordinated by Adel El Fakir, General Commissioner of the Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year. It is the inaugural program of this Cultural Year, which spearheads sustainable cultural partnerships between Qatar and other countries.

An initiative meant to strengthen relations between nations and their peoples, “years of culture” has designated Morocco as Qatar’s partner for 2024.

The year will be marked by major art exhibitions, festivals and cultural events in both countries. No fewer than 80 events are planned.

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